Rise, Fill up, and go…

I was up early this morning reading in 1st Samuel, where the Lord instructed Samuel to stop mourning over his past. Saul was a lost cause. The Lord told Samuel to get up, fill up, and go. Find the New in life.

Samuel did just that…

Not only did he find the New, but soon afterwards the new (King) started ministering healing over the old (king). Bringing peace. Eventually the old was out of the way, and the new replaced the old.

So my encouragement for today… Get up, fill up, and go…

Find the “New,” allow it to refresh you and heal you of your old.

Love you,

Rikki Andrews

My First Encounter

The first time I encountered Dodie Osteen.

The first time I went to Lakewood, a woman who had invited me picked me up and took me. As we were sitting, people started passing buckets around. I asked the woman what they were doing. She told me they were taking up money. I kind of freaked out inside because I thought they were charging a fee for being there.

Before the bucket got to me, I searched in my wallet. I found a letter I had written to God. Quickly I scribbled on the back an apology for not having anything to give. I told whoever would look at it that the letter was all I had, that I hoped they would forgive me and accept it.

That night the lady asked me back. When I told her I had nothing else to give, she explained the concept of them taking up tithes and offerings. I went back with her.

Dodie Osteen went to the platform and then called me out. She asked if she could read my letter. I shook my head yes, and she read. Halfway through, she stopped. I looked up, and she was in tears.

She composed herself and finished. People got up and hugged me and told me how blessed they were. I will never forget that night.

Every time I saw her afterward, I would address her as Mrs. Osteen. She would stop and say, “That’s Mama Dodie to you.”

I’m so grateful to the woman who invited me, I don’t remember her name. However, I will never forget. Because of her, I have a cherished memory.

At His Feet…

“Mary has discovered the one thing most important by choosing to sit at My feet. She is undistracted, and I won’t take this privilege from her.” Luke 10:42.

I, too often, find myself lost in the distractions of life. Especially, when it comes to sitting down at His feet. The phone rings, a knock on the door, or just the thoughts of what I have to do today.

It frustrates me to realize that I’m more like Martha than I am Mary. I want to sit at His feet and discover the beauty of who He is, to stop allowing the distractions to rob me of that. The only one who can make that happen is me.


Today, I choose to sit at His feet, to focus more on Him, and to seek the beauty of who He is and the revelation of what He has to say to me. I pray you will do the same.