Julie B. was a homeless person who sat on the corner of Bissonnet and Beltway 8 for several years. As I sat at the light waiting for it to change, in my heart, I asked God what I could possibly do to help someone like her. Two days later, I was allowed to take Julie to lunch. As we talked, I found that her only desire was to go to a particular school located in Chicago. I asked her if I could get her there would she go, she lit up with a solid yes. So that afternoon, I researched the school, then called the director to find out if she could get in. The director wanted to speak with Julie first before making a decision, so the next day I found Julie and put them on the phone together. The director agreed to let her attend the school, but we would have to get her there. So with that, I started looking to raise bus fare to send Julie to Chicago. With the help of several giving individuals, Julie was off to Chicago the next week. Today, I am happy to announce ~ Julie B. graduated in September 2014 ~ when she called to tell me I almost did not recognize her, her voice was that of a totally changed woman. Thank you to all those who helped change the life of one woman. You guys rock! Julie is now a life long friend. We are so proud of her and how far she’s come. (imaged used by permission).

What Triggers Homelessness?

Not everyone who is out there falls within this category. Just like Julie, there are others whom we have helped. Others whom when given the opportunity, have chosen to make a stand for themselves. A parable that Jesus told concerning leaving the ninety-nine to go search for the one lost sheep is at the heart of what we desire to do in our mission… to go after the one.  To find the one(s) that are simply lost due to circumstances beyond their control. Something in their timeline of life came along and derailed them, knocked them down, and they’ve struggled to get their footing. We are on a mission to giving them a hand up, not a handout.

Many factors can cause individuals to be seen as homeless. The number one trigger is the loss of employment. Depression sets in, and things spiral from there. Not making enough to cover one’s bills, loss of loved one(s), and the list goes on.

Many have judged those they see living a life of homelessness, but think about it… if you woke up tomorrow and found yourself without – what then? We pray not.

These circumstances can knock the wind completely out of one’s sail in life. It can be a hard road to hold. Depression sets in, and if you’ve ever experienced it yourself, then you can understand how hard it is to gain ground. But what if there were no ground… no home… no support… no way of seeing how to dig your way out?

It takes more…

That is what Rescued Love, Inc. aims to assist in, the hand of someone who can help pull the individual up and help them stand on solid ground again.

So we ask… Partner with us and help us help them.


Thank you!