Nothing, absolutely nothing, can separate us from His love, and we know all things work for the good of us who love Him.

Do you remember your first Bible?

I do…

In fact, I still have it. I will never let it go. I have more Bibles than what I know to do with, but this one holds my heart.

They say you can’t take it with you, and even though several friends who wish for me to leave this one to them in my will, I have vowed it’s going with me.

I value it more than I value my life.

Just Wait…

When I heard that there were captives (female inmates) longing for the Word of God to be sent to them, I had to get involved. I signed up as a Spiritual Pen Pal, thinking I would simply write these women and encourage them in their walk. But then I heard that many were being put on wait lists, and until donations came in, which may take several months; they would just have to be patient and just wait.

My heart sank…

I imagined how a young woman sitting on her bunk would have to read a reply letter telling her to just wait. The more I ponder this scene the more it became horrifying – I couldn’t bear the thought of how this might cause her great discouragement, pain and may even cause her to be angry towards God.

So I’ve made it my mission — Our mission…

And I need your help. Without donations and partners like yourself, these women will continue to have to wait for God’s Word to be in their hands.

Today is the day of salvation!

I pray we join forces and take on the call of Isaiah 61:1 …to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to those that are bound. Please join me.

If there is anything I can pray with you about, or help answer questions you may have, please connect with me.

Be Blessed ~ Be Encouraged