He Wrote It In The Dirt

I opened my Bible and read the verse John 8:8 this morning. “And again He stooped down and wrote on the ground.”

As I meditated on that one verse, I went back and read the passage. It spoke of the adulterous woman that the Pharisees had caught in adultery. 

They wanted to use her sin to trip Jesus up, but the whole while they were accusing her, Jesus sat and wrote in the dirt. Whatever He wrote, we may never know. Jesus stood and addressed the woman’s accusers. Then He sat back down and wrote again.

Soon everyone was gone. Only she stood before Him as He continued to write. He rose to address her, this time asking her, “Where are your accusers?”

As I meditated on verse 8, I sensed that what He had been writing the first time addressed the Pharisees, when He stooped down the second time… I got a vision of Him “rewriting” the woman’s story. And it brought tears to my eyes. 

Suddenly, it was no longer her standing there, but now it was me who stood before Him; and Jesus was rewriting my story.

I am so grateful that God has led me here. I know He will bring about the “Happily Ever After” story that I dream will come, the story Jesus has written for me. 👑👑👑

Can you see your story, and how is He rewriting it for you?

Have a blessed day, everyone.