Shining Bright

Julie B. had become homeless because of circumstances beyond her control. She had struggled for years, but was losing hope.

I asked to have lunch, and she agreed. As we ate, we talked. I found her only dream was to go to a school in Chicago. I asked her if I could get her there, would she go; she lit up with a solid yes. That afternoon I researched the school, called the director to find out if she could get in. The director agreed to let her attend the school, but we had to get her there.

So we raised the money over the following week for bus fare to send Julie to Chicago.

I am happy to announce ~ Julie B. graduated. When she called to tell me, I almost did not recognize her. Her voice was that of a totally changed woman.

Thank you to all those who helped change the life of one woman. You guys rock! (imaged used by permission)


I’ve received calls from Julie throughout years since the day she left for Chicago. We have become friends; her calls bring me great joy and an outstanding reminder of why I do what I do. The first time she called me after she graduated, I hardly recognized her. I could instantly hear the change in her speech. She sounded so different. Then last month she Facetime’d me. The woman that appeared on my monitor was definitely not the same woman I put on that bus back in 2011. Her countenance and smile spoke volumes.

I’m so proud of how God orchestrated our encounter, how He made it all workout to rescue Julie and allow me to be His instrument. Therefore, my passion is to have many Julies in my path, to allow God to use me to rescue, redeem and restore their lives, and with permission tell their stories here too. I hope you will partner with us (God and me); we need you too.