About Us

Mission Statement: Rescued Love, Inc., is a 501©3, nonprofit organization that is committed to knowing and loving God, and advancing the Kingdom. Our mission is to encourage others to know God the Father, Jesus His Son, and the Holy Spirit in a genuine and personal way.

Goals: We encourage positive life changes through a focus on spiritual growth, education, employment, life management, and mental health.

Funding: We accomplish our goals through public and private donations. Partner with us today and see more of what we can accomplish together.

Bible Warriors Project: To connect with others who have a desire to share the Word of God. Especially those who have responsibilities which make it difficult to be a part of missions (jobs, raising families and health issues). By helping raise money, purchasing study Bibles and sending them into our Texas State Women’s Prisons. Once raised, we partner with ministry teams who minister within the walls of our Texas prisons to identify individuals who need the Bibles. We work together to accomplish touching lives for Jesus.

Become a Bible Missionary and partner with us to reach those in captivity.