Pastor Doug Stringer – Houston, TX

You have persevered and kept your eyes on the author and finisher of your faith!

Stephanie M. – Houston, Tx

Castle is an extremely gifted and talented individual! She is capable and skilled in SOOOOO many areas. I hesitate to recommend her only because I don’t want her to be too busy when I need her!!! Whatever it is that you need, she can help guide you in the right direction. Have fun!

Billie C. – Ft. Worth, Tx

She has such a heart for helping and blessing others.

Brenda W. – Eugene, Oregan

Castle is a devout Christian woman with a kind and generous heart. She has clarity and insight. She is strong and resilient. With love and gentleness, she can share counsel and truth to those in need.

Caitlin R. – Mass.

Castle is such a kind, sweet, generous soul. She’s always here for me when I need her and never asks for more than she needs. She’s great for a deep, meaningful conversation (about anything!) or just a smile and I truly believe there is no one more deserving of blessings on this planet.

David. B. – N.C.

Castle is a very kind, caring and loving person. She has experienced a lot in life, and is knowledgeable and experienced in a wide array of areas. She is open, honest, and can be relied upon.

Gabriele S. – Houston, Tx

Very compassionate, especially to those who have needs of any kind.

Julie F. – Katy, Tx

Castle has a loving and giving personality, and she has a great desire to help others. She is my go-to person when I need support, love, or prayers. She is extremely trustworthy and reliable, and I vouch for her highly.

Lisa H. – Arizona

Castle has a huge heart for others. She’s intelligent and a hard-working person. She is dedicated and kind.

Marion P. – Utah

Castle is an amazing, loving person, full of the Holy Spirit and in tune with God’s word. I have never met a more giving person. She speaks from her heart and has a genuine love of others. She walks with Jesus in the most amazing way and anyone who knows her is blessed.

Anna P. – Houston, Tx

I worked for Ms. Castle here in Houston for 5 years. She is an amazing friend, as well as a powerful woman of God. Ms. Castle, her word is her bond, she’s trustworthy, her selflessness always looking for ways to reach out to those in need. Her faith, and trust is in the one she loves – His name is Jesus.

Raymond H. – Houston, TX

Castle is a woman with the heart and strength of a warrior. Never the one to easily give up, she will fight for what she believes in come hell or high water. She is true to her word.